Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

The Blogger robots have removed Some Ponies all together. I tried to follow the rules and the blog is gone. I am thinking he same thing will happen to this one. Time to find a new place to post. Sorry guys...


  1. Certainly gay blogs are being closed down all over the place at the moment - if you post pictures, as we all do, then it's not 'original content' so it conveniently falls foul of their latest definition of 'spam'!

    Amazing but I think it's true! They've set their robot to seek us out and close us down!

    There was an article in the Guardian (British) newspaper recently about Google closing down music blogs even though all the tracks on them were licensed by the copyright owners for review purposes. Google didn't believe any of it and closed them down anyway!

    Now I always believe what I read in the press, don't you?

    Good luck!